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We help brands to better communicate their values trough powerful and inspirational stories.

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Why tell a story? Hearing a story activates five times more areas in the brain than when we hear just data.

Understanding the power of storytelling as a tool to shift toward a better future.

When brands tell stories, they create a relationship with the audience and build a reputation. What Bravo does is find the story that resonates with the audience. We conduct field research, investigate stories and people that connect with your values. From there, we propose the format, whether it be documentary or fictional. Below, discover the steps of the process.

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  • 1 Story research

    First, we start a research that can be local or global with our team of researchers spread around the world. This field research works both online and in person, and often in both formats. After an interview with our candidate, we create a report, counting on the main information and characteristics. This process is concluded with a video interview.

  • 2 Script

    At this stage, the script is shaped to bring unique and inspiring nuances based on the lives of our characters. Nothing is generic. Various details and layers are brought from the research and added to the script - places, dreams, life perspectives, old portraits, hobbies, thus creating life and shine to the story that will be told.

  • 3 Format analysis

    We created a process where we develop a storyline and then a plot, usually before starting the research. This ensures that the research will be conducted in the right direction. This is the moment where we analyze if the format we need is documentary or fictional. We treat the script as a living organism until the beginning of pre-production.

  • 4 Production

    Bravo has over 14 years of know-how in producing TV commercials, digital content, cinema, and series. Our permanent team of producers works together with the creative team - screenwriters and directors, creating a perfect trifecta: the goal is to ensure that the budget serves creativity, not the opposite. From the definition of a script, pre-production work begins and continues until the finalization and duplication of material.


Watch some Impactful and crafted stories that we brought to life.

From TV commercials to music videos, we have created engaging stories with high production value in recent years. Cinematic images and meticulously crafted visual effects with one single goal: to engage the audience to the fullest.

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